Invest Using iTaukei Land

Are you a developer considering Fiji for your next project?

Here's a little known fact that you may want to consider:

Fiji has approximately 8 percent freehold land, but less than 1 percent is currently "at play", meaning that it's undeveloped, virgin land. So what does this really mean? It means that what freehold land that remains for development is unlikely to be in a prime location, and is very likely to be overpriced and over valued. This also means that fantastic opportunity exists on the other end of the spectrum. If you are looking for pure Fiji value, beautiful locations, spectacular landscapes and pristine properties then iTaukei Land makes great sense. Commercial, industrial, residential and tourism opportunities are all available with iTaukei land lease properties that present exceptional opportunities to the end user.Obviously the final consideration with iTaukei land is and always will be the nature of acquiring a lease versus acquiring permanent title. While there exists certain levels of comfort that freehold title possess, the fact remains that an ability to translate clear understanding of the iTaukei land lease structure and to clearly communicate it to your investors/lessee will result in much high levels of lessee satisfaction and interest.

The iTaukei Land Blue Print

1) Prospective lesee (developer) wishes to source a desirable property;
2) Developer confirms with TLTB of specific intent.
3) Landowning units are contacted to gauge Interest in leasing the property.
4) Following an indication of a positive interest of landowning unit, a site survey is initiated.
5) Landowning Units are required to approve a lease agreement by an amount of 51 percent of all people over 21 years of age.
6) TLTB handles internal processing of the prospective lease agreement.
7) Formal negotiations are finalized.
8) Formal lease processing by TLTB is initiated and completed.
9) Then you can enjoy your new 99-year lease.