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Varavu Subdivision pt of, Lot 11

Land Name: Lot 1- 11,  Varavu Subdivision pt of
Land Area: Lots range between 830m2 – 4470m2 
Location: Off Kings Road in Varavu, 3km away from Sorokoba Village, Ba
Lease Type: Residential
Legal Description: Agreement for Lease
Topography: The land is flat to gentle slope towards the high water mark which forms the rear boundary. Rear lot may require excavating and filling.
Improvements: Nil. Vacant Land 
Services: Access to the site needs to be upgraded which will assist in water and electricity connection. 
Minimum Premium Rate: $12,000 (VEP) for 99 years(lot area more than 1000m²); 
$10,000 (VEP) FOR 99 years (lot area less than 1000m²)
Other Considerations: Proposal is in line with the TLTB/DTCP Greater West Urban Growth Management Plan 2019-2036 vision for the area.

All EOI must be submitted using the TLTB Expression of Interest Form which is available at any TLTB Offices and TLTB Website:
All Applications must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked “Land for Leasing EOI – Quote the “Land Name” and addressed to:
  • The Manager North West, TLTB Lautoka, P.O. Box 73, Lautoka or
  • email to Info@tltb.com.fj
For more information about the subject site, please visit TLTB website (www.tltb.com.fj) or contact laisenia Talavutu of TLTB Ba on Mobile: 9995951or Email: ltalavutu@tltb.com.fj
Other enquiries can be directed to Doni Wainiqolo of Head Office via email: dwainiqolo@tltb.com.fj or Ravi Singh via email: rsingh@tltb.com.fj, Phone: 331 2733 (Ext: 587).
Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.
TLTB Management

Click here to view the location of the lease - Varavu Subdivison.pdf


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