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Seaqaqa Township lot 64 as shown as lot 9 on Plan M 2716

Land Name: Seaqaqa Township lot 64 as shown as lot 9 on Plan M 2716
Land Area: 574m2
Location: located within proposed Seaqaqa Township
Lease Type: Commercial
Legal Description: lot 9 on Plan M2716
Topography: The lot is at road level and flat. Erected on site is partly completed 3 storey concrete structure.
Improvements: partly completed 3 storey structure
Services: Electricity (EFL) and piped water (WAF) are readily available to subject lot since it is located close to established commercial centre and along main Nabouwalu high way.
Minimum Land Premium Rate: $66,700.00 for 99 years with effect from 1st January 2020 [Registered Lease]
Improvement Value: $180,000.00 to be paid in addition to Premium
Other Considerations: Proposal in line with DTCPs proposed Seaqaqa Township.
Land Name: Lot 1- 11,  Varavu Subdivision pt of
Land Area: Lots range between 830m2 – 4470m2
Location: Off Kings Road in Varavu, 3km away from Sorokoba Village, Ba
Lease Type: Residential
Legal Description: Agreement for Lease
Topography: The land is flat to gentle slope towards the high water mark which forms the rear boundary. Rear lot may require excavating and filling.
Improvements: Nil. Vacant Land
Services: Access to the site needs to be upgraded which will assist in water and electricity connection.
Minimum Premium Rate: $12,000 (VEP) for 99 years(lot area more than 1000m²);
$10,000 (VEP) FOR 99 years (lot area less than 1000m²)
Other Considerations: Proposal is in line with the TLTB/DTCP Greater West Urban Growth Management Plan 2019-2036 vision for the area.

All EOI must be submitted using the TLTB Expression of Interest Form which is available at any TLTB Offices and TLTB Website:
All Applications must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked “Land for Leasing EOI – Quote the “Land Name” and addressed to:
  • The Manager North West, TLTB Lautoka, P.O. Box 73, Lautoka ( For Varavu Subdivision)
  • The Manager North, TLTB, Labasa, P O Box  32, Labasa Town (for lot 9, M2717)
Application can be posted or placed in the appropriate EOI Box located at the TLTB regional offices in Lautoka and Labasa, as listed above.
For more information about the subject site, please visit TLTB website (www.tltb.com.fj) or contact laisenia Talavutu of TLTB Ba on Mobile: 9995951or Email: [email protected]
Or Nemani Tamani of TLTB Labasa on Mobile 9995888 or email: [email protected]
Other enquiries can be directed to Doni Wainiqolo of Head Office via email: [email protected] or Ravi Singh via email: rsi[email protected], Phone: 331 2733 (Ext: 587).
The EOI will close on Thursday 30th April 2020 at 4pm.Late or incomplete submissions will not be accepted.
TLTB Management
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