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Ethical Compliance Officer

The role of the Ethical Compliance Officer is to ensure that TLTB is conducting its business in full compliance with all relevant national and international laws and regulations as well as professional standards, accepted business practices, and internal standards. The incumbent is charged to keeping TLTB’s business dealings ethically sound, legally pristine, educating the entire organisation and instituting practices that will ensure the highest possible level of compliance and ethics. The role also entails to conduct special investigations required by the Board and will be based at the Head Office in Suva.
Job description: Key Outcomes include:

1. Strategic Support
  • Development, implementation and monitoring of Board policies and procedures based on relevant
legislation and modern international standard practices are contributed to in order to provide an
effective, consistent and timely delivery of services to support organizational strategic needs.
  • Monitoring of compliance issues assisted with and necessary actions recommended.
  • Information and advice on ethical issues to staff and effective communication with all staff ensured to
maintain ethical and transparent working relationships.
  • Regular meetings with allocated Line Managers coordinated and related support provided to the
respective departments on workplace compliance related issues.
  • Participation in relevant Board Projects ensured as required by the Board Secretary, including research
and preparation of documents for Manager’s review and implementation of recommendations.
  • A compliance and ethical culture at TLTB established and promoted.

2. Compliance
  • Organizational and legislative compliance in relation to ethical practices enforced and monitored.
  • Ethical procedures are installed and consistently adhered to throughout the Board ensured.
  • Standards of Conduct, related procedures and a compliance program developed, implemented and
  • Controls for an effective compliance program established and monitored.
  • Ethics culture created and maintained that the highest level of corporate authority needs to have.
  • Preventive maintenance and constant improvement and monitoring of the system ensured.
  • Investigations coordinated/conducted to resolve compliance issues.
  • Relevant and continuous training provided to ensure compliance.

3. Procedures developed, monitored and implemented
  • Procedures developed, monitored and implemented to ensure compliance.
  • Consultative process used to prepare policies and procedures.
  • Effectiveness of policies and practices assessed, audited and analyzed qualitatively.
  • Policies reviewed and recommendations made for amendments and continuous improvement.
Work Knowledge and Experience
  • Degree in Business Administration, Law or Human Resources Management;
  • Minimum of 5-6 years of experience in fields related to ethics and corporate compliance with substantial experience as an Ethics Compliance Officer or other position dealing with the development and enforcement of standards of conduct;
  • Ethical and principled with demonstrated ability to provide high quality ethical standard advice to Senior Management and sound judgement to satisfactorily resolve a variety of job-related issues;
  • Experience in developing policies and procedures;
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.

Location: Head Office, Suva
Compensation: Salary/Employment Condition: Grade 7 of the TLTB salary scale on 3-year contract
Contact: Apply online: https://app.hrmonise.com/job/tltb-head-office/ethical-compliance-officer

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