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Landowners Affairs Unit

The Landowners Affairs Unit was created in 2015 for the purpose of:

  • To provide efficient services to the landowners;

  • To provide comprehensive and extensive information to the landowners;

  • To formulate meticulous yet in depth business advice;

  • To improve customer services;

  • And to develop and secure business partnerships for the landowners.

In 2016, it began its Landowners Profiling and the Asset Capitalization and also embarked on its first Financial Literacy Sessions. Those sessions were conducted with the key financial institutions including BSP Bank, BSP Life, ANZ Bank, Westpac Bank, HFC Bank, Fiji Development Bank, Fijian Holdings, Unit Trust of Fiji and the various The provincial offices.
The Financial Literacy sessions were targeting one of LAU’s key roles and that is to facilitate training programs with an investment mindset by promoting compulsory savings for the landowners.
But most importantly, LAU is to ensure that the landowner’s wealth is created and enhanced through the prudential use and management of their land resources.  LAU will be measured by the wealth that will accrue to landowners through their activities or projects that will acquire them the best returns.
In identifying these resources, LAU focuses on creating each “LOU Profile” by assessing:

  • Total land ownership complete with maps;

  • Land classed in Reserve or Outside Reserve complete with its maps;

  • The leases that are contained in the same, with those that have arrears and those that don’t;

  • The population counts of the LOU, both male, female, those under 18 and those over 18 to further utilize the available land. 

This information will then be formalized into an asset capitalization reports (ACR) that will further reveal the investment potentials that exist within each mataqali or yavusa.
The ACR would itemize total land holding for an LOU, would assess the same with those on reserve and outside-reserve and would then link this to the LOU’s population to ascertain the land to population ratio and the future needs of the same in conjunction to the population trends of the LOU. 
It is a report that analyses data and trends and forecasts key areas of opportunities for LOU’s and their assets.  This report is intended to provide LOU’s with a bird’s eye view of their natural and physical chattels that will stimulate concepts of using the same as collateral, or stimulate participation in investment concepts that will provide them with better returns and sustain their enterprises for the future.
The ACR is very critical to identifying an LOU, Who they are, What they have, How much they are worth and Where they can go to or become, in the future.
The LAU Department also envisages including even more data in the report like that of soil types, animal totems of the Landowning unit, cultural symbols and representations of the LOU, and area where we would like to utilize the MOU’s that have been signed thus far with other stakeholders like that of Agriculture etc.  Something that LAU will have to work closely with the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs as well as on with their cultural mapping.  But at present the team is operational on facilitating its reports through Governments eservices on uploading population information’s, valuation of improvements on the LOU’s leased lands and generally the master plans from Town and Country Planning that affect the LOU’s in certain areas with regards to zoning etc.
The Landowners Affairs Unit is an integral part of the Board in that it solely focuses on the needs of the landowners, their assets, their resources and their prospects for the future. 


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