Lease Application is received at the counter or through mails with all relevant documents produced. (Application Forms are also available online).

  1. Application is thoroughly screened by Counter Service Clerk.
  2. Referred to Technical Team to determine any conflicting interest.
  3. If no conflicting interest, Estate Officer (EO) gives OK for Cashier to receipt payment of lease application fee.
  4. EO responsible conducts necessary inspection and consultation.
  5. Precis and recommendation is completed by the Inspecting Officer for SEO approval.
  6. Case File is created in Landsoft by Estate Assistant (EA).
  7. Lease Offer is printed and signed by Manager or Senior Estate Officer (SEO).
  8. Team for Bring Up lease offer for 8 weeks.
  9. Lease Offer is fully paid.
  10. Lessee executes relevant lease document.
  11. Manager executes lease documents.
  12. Set of lease documents sent for stamping and/or registration via Legal Department.
  13. Stamped and/or registered lease document is released to tenant/lessee.