Who is the current Chief Executive Officer of TLTB?

Mr Solomoni Nata

Which part of Fiji do you have TLTB offices?

Regional Offices – Suva, Nadi, Lautoka and Labasa.

Sub-Regional Offices – Nausori, Korovou, Rakiraki, Ba, Sigatoka, Savusavu

Is there a grant or loan available from TLTB for a business that we want to start as an individual or as a tokatoka, mataqali or yavusa?

Yes, we have the iTaukei Development Fund Facility (TDFF) available for application. However, you must establish yourself first before applying.

What kind of products does TLTB offer?
  • Land for Leasing in Tourism, Agriculture, Residential, Mining, Commercial, etc.)
  • License for Filming, Gravel Extraction and Logging
  • Landowners’ advice on business, commerce and investment
What do I have to do if I want a land to build a house or for farming?

To apply for a house, you need to submit a residential lease application using the non-agriculture lease application form. For agricultural purposes, you must use the agriculture lease application form. Before applying, please review the available land listings from any TLTB office nationwide or on the TLTB website.

How do I go about obtaining a lease?

The steps to take are as follows:

  • Fill the Lease Application Form.
  • Get all the requirements in order.
  • Pay for your application fee, attach the receipt with the application together with all the requirements needed and lodge it at any TLTB Office around the country.
  • TLTB will verify your application, consult the landowners, obtain the consent, work on the précis (assess the value, land area, land use) recommendation for de-reservation if it is outside reserve, issue of lease offer, tenant to pay within six weeks, issuance of lease document by TLTB, tenant to survey (chose from the list of Panel of Surveyors), TLTB will give Surveying Instruction, after survey TLTB will give lease titles, then registration of titles at the Titles Office.
  • Issuance of titles to the applicant.
How long does it take for my lease to be approved?

It takes about six weeks.

How much will it cost me to pay for my lease?

It depends on a number of factors like location, total area, access to roads, electricity, water, etc.

Where can I apply for a lease?

Any of the TLTB offices in Suva, Sigatoka, Nadi, Lautoka, Ba, Korovou, Labasa and Savusavu.

How to register to access Self Service Kiosk Portal
  • Send a request to info@tltb.com.fj
  • Ensure to include lease account number in the email
How much will it cost me to apply for the residential lease?

Checkout Schedule of Fees on the TLTB Website>Under Payment Options> Schedule of Fees

How often are the lease statements generated

Lease Statements are generated twice a year on the 1st of January and again on 1st June

What happens if I lose my title? What do I need to do?

Visit TLTB Office for a Provisional Copy. Requirements include:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Police Report
  • ID’s
  • Statutory Declaration of how the title was misplaced
  • For Registered leases the fee is $575.00
  • For Non-Registered (AFL-not surveyed land) or IOT Leases the fee is $272.00
Procedure for issuing lease on rent?
  • Clear all arrears on land
  • Visit nearest TLTB Office and ask for consent to sublease.
  • Prepare a fee of $109.00 per house to sublease.
During times of hardships, can the rental be waived?

No, rental cannot be waived. However, instalment payment arrangements can be negotiated.

How to check for lease offer letter progress.
  • Send an email to info@tltb.com.fj and ensure the following is included in your request. For quicker response.
  • Lease Applicant’s Name
  • Lease Application Case No.
  • Lease Application Receipt No.