The process of creating a Deed of Trust for a tokatoka, mataqali or yavusa are as follows:

1. Confirmation of Land & Ownership
All information concerning a particular land are gathered and submitted to the iTaukei Land trust Board (TLTB).

2. Requirement for Dead of Trust

  • Minutes of the Meeting – to confirm at least three names of the members of the tokatoka/mataqali/yavusa as trustees.
  • Completed TLTB 5b form which carries the signatures of 18 years and older members of that tokatoka/mataqali/yavusa (60%).
  • Birth Certificates of all the trustees.
  • ID cards of the trustees (FNPF, EVR CARD or Driving License).
  • TIN Letters of all chosen trustees.

3. Confirmation from TLFC

TLTB will send a copy of the TLTB 5b form to the iTaukei Land & Fisheries Commission (TLFC) for their confirmation on the number of 18 years and older members of that particular tokatoka/mataqali/yavusa as it is on the Register of iTaukei Landowners or the Vola ni Kawa Bula (VKB).

4. Final Counting (TLTB)

a.If the total count of the confirmed names and their signatures reached 60% or more then:

  • TLTB will draft the DOT for the tokatoka/mataqali/yavusa.
  • DOT can be done at any TLTB offices around the country.

b.If the total count of the confirmed names and their signatures is less than 60%:

That tokatoka/mataqali yavusa should look for those members who have not yet signed so that the 60% is met as required before TLFC can confirm and final counting conducted by TLTB.

5. Preparation of the ‘DOT’

TLTB prepares three copies of the DOT to the Registrar of Stamp Duty and $60 to be paid by the trustees.

6. Titles Office

After the stamping then the DOT will then have to be taken to the Titles Office for registration. Cost will be $2.90 and are to be paid by the trustees before it is returned back to TLTB.

7. Opening of the Bank Account

If required, TLTB can prepare a letter to support the opening of a new bank account for the tokatoka/mataqali/yavusa.

8. Deposit of the Lease Monies

TLTB will only deposit landowners funds to that account if all steps in 1-7 above have been carefully followed.