Purposes Agriculture

Note: Applicant to fully complete this form

The following information must be submitted with this form.
1) Personal ID Card (FNPF/Passport/ Driver’s License)
2) Birth Certificate
3) T.I.N Registration #
4) Last six (6) months Bank Statements
5) Salary slip and Confirmation of Employment Letter from Employer (if in paid employment)
6) Certificate of Registration for Companies (if applicant is a Company) & Company Structure
7) Five (5) year Business Plan & Concept Plan for Development
8) Majority consent (51%) of landowners for dereservation if land is within iTaukei reserve.
9) Application fees of $115.00 (Comm/Ind), $575.00 (Tourism) & $115 (Eco-Tourism) and $57.50 for Residential leases.

Additional Requirements For Overseas Applicants:

1) Investment Fiji Requirements (RBF Clearance) & Evidence of Foreign Investment Registration Certificate
2) Department of Immigration Approval

Other Requirements:

1) Approval in Principle by the Ministry of Tourism.(Tourism Lease)
2) Locality Plan of area applied for Feasibility Study (where applicable)
3) Entrepreneurship (For Tourism Lease)
4) Projected Cash Flow
5) Environment Impact Assessment (Tourism Lease and other developments of more than 10 lots)
6) Physical planning approval from the Director of Town and Country Planning which will include the environment and conservation aspect of the project.(Tourism Lease)
7) Projected Cash Flow
8) Valuation of Existing Assets
9) Resume