The iTaukei Land Trust Board (TLTB) is currently accepting applications for its new funding mechanism called the iTaukei Development Fund Facility, aimed at supporting landowners and landowning units. This initiative aligns with the Coalition Government’s national development objectives, recognizing that the development of iTaukei Land will not only benefit landowners but also contribute significantly to Fiji’s national economy.

Purpose of the Facility

The objective of this Facility is to empower landowners to develop their land and resources effectively, promoting economic growth and improving the well-being of the Taukei people. Through this loan initiative, TLTB aims to stimulate active business engagement among landowners, ultimately elevating their quality of life. The Board is taking a significant step forward by extending its services beyond traditional lease processing and distribution. This expansion includes empowering landowners to overcome challenges in accessing capital and funds for development projects.

Eligible Business Activities:

  • Land and Resource development
  • Agriculture and farming in commercial perspective
  • Property development and renovation
  • Transportation business
  • Small business
  • Eco-Tourism (upgrading and expansion of development)

Who Can Apply:

(a) Individual landowners with a strong business case

(b) Group of landowners with a strong business case

(c) Trustees of the Mataqali or landowners’ company been registered under the Companies Act.

All loan applications must be submitted with a cover letter from individual or trustees of landowning units (LOU) or LOU registered companies; whichever is applicable