TLTB’s journey and current strategic direction is a testament to resilience and dedication. Overcoming multifaceted challenges in providing land for development while safeguarding the interests of the iTaukei landowners, TLTB has evolved into a vibrant, customer and output-oriented, innovative, and strategic organization. Today, we witness tangible results and benefits stemming from these initiatives.

The landscape of Fiji bears witnesses to TLTB’s influence, with major hotel and resort brands flourishing in urban centres and surrounding islands. The proliferation of commercial and industrial estates, alongside thriving pine, sandalwood, and mahogany plantations, together with increased investment on agriculture are testaments to TLTB’s role in facilitating development. Major industrial developments, advancements in telecommunications and water supply, sustainable mining practices, and a heightened focus on conservation all reflect TLTB’s significant contributions.

As trustees for the landowners, TLTB has established a separate division dedicated to the welfare of native landowners in Fiji. This initiative ensures that the interests of the landowners are prioritized and safeguarded, reinforcing TLTB’s commitment to their mission.

There has been a strategic shift towards rebuilding trust and fostering stronger relationships with chiefs and native landowners under the theme: “Stronger Together.” Our extensive consultation strategy has included visits to the President of Fiji Ratu Wiliame Katonivere, chiefs of the three confederacies (Kubuna, Burebasaga, and Tovata), and various districts and villages in Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, and the outer islands.

We have expanded our core roles to enhance iTaukei participation in business and commerce. The introduction of the iTaukei Wealth Fund and the iTaukei Development Facility supports landowners in business ventures, a groundbreaking initiative in the last 84 years.

We are committed to addressing landowner claims on Native Grant (NG) and Crown Grant (CG) lands while completing the Crown Schedule A (CSA) and Crown Schedule B (CSB) lands.

Recognizing the importance of people, their performance and productivity, we have implemented performance incentive payment and realigned salaries to market standards. This aims to boost and motivate our employees to continue excelling.

We have reduced the poundage from 10% to 8%, a significant milestone aimed at empowering more landowners and challenging our operational efficiencies.

We have re-distributed poundage to allocate funds for all Turaga iTaukei (3 percent), Turaga ni Yavusa (5 percent), and Turaga ni Mataqali (7 percent) as soon as they are confirmed to their traditional tribal leaders as confirmed by the iTaukei Land & Fisheries Commission (TLFC).

Our investment portfolio has diversified to include overseas investments and insurance for minors.

For funds invested on behalf of minors: they are entitled to access 40 percent for education or medical reasons, with the remaining 60 percent available when they reach 18 years old.

We have focused on capacity building for both our Management Team and Staff, enhancing their knowledge and skills to prepare them for future leadership and management roles. This includes training with Australian Human Resource Institute (AHRI), Australian Graduate School of Leadership (AGSL) and Dynamic Leadership Program Australia (DLPA).

We have upgraded our work equipment and tools, incorporating advanced technology such as NGX and Microsoft Office 365.

Several policy reviews have been conducted, including the revision of the Estate Operations Manual. We have also partnered with key departments, organisations, and institutions to deliver the best we can in our service.

While there are still areas for improvement, we are focusing on key areas such as processing time, customer service, and case management. We remain dedicated to continuous improvement in these aspects.