TLTB offers opportunities to invest in iTaukei Land in the traditional economic sectors as well as in rapidly growing sectors like: Manufacturing, Tourism, Mining, Food Processing, Filming, Education, Recreation, Conservation and Telecommunication. 

Fiji has a long and positive track record in attracting investors from all over the world, many of whom have re-invested in multiple projects and operating in Fiji. The Fiji Government also ensures that the private sector, which is seen as the ‘engine room for growth’, contributes to the socioeconomic development of the country.

Fiji ‘s beautiful and peaceful environment is an additional reason why the country is a favourable destination for investment.
What is iTaukei or Native Land?

iTaukei Land is the overwhelming percentage of Fiji property (87%) and is generally available for long-term lease purposes of up to 99 years.

How secure is it?

Leases are administrated and managed by TLTB and lease applications are provided online or at our offices.

How do I acquire it?

A Lessee’s ability to renew its lease after expiration is extremely friendly and easy to renew.

Finally, due to the fact that itaukei land involves a property lease rather than an outright purchase, this results in a highly favorable investment decision when calculating your land acquisition costs.