Corporate Profile

The iTaukei Land Trust Board is a statutory trust established in 1940 to control and administer itaukei land on behalf and for its indigenous owners whether it is a Yavusa, Mataqali and Tokatoka.

It is also a body corporate that deals with itaukei land by way of leases and licenses issued over such land. It is the largest and best land provider and land management services in Fiji. It facilitates access to lands and land-based resources for social and economic development.

Its purpose is to secure, protect and manage land ownership rights assigned to the iTaukei landowners and to facilitate the commercial transactions that revolve around its use. It is doing all this for the national good and public interests but in particular for the benefit of the itaukei landowners.

Key Information:

  • 91 percent of all the land in Fiji (iTaukei Land)
  • Fiji’s Total Landmass: 18,272 km² (1,827,200 ha)
  • Total Leased Area: 4,196 km² (419,639 ha)
  • Total iTaukei Land: 23,289.80 km² (2328980.42 ha)
  • Total Number of Leases: 53,000 leases
  • Lease Types: Residential Leases, Agricultural Leases, Commercial Leases, Industrial Leases, Commercial Agriculture Leases, Tourism Leases and Special Leases (Government, Religion, Education, Telecommunication, etc.)
  • License Types: Sand & Gravel License, Forest Logging License and Filming License
  • Total Number of LOU’s: 16,000
  • Total LOU Funds Distributed Annually: $99.3 million
  • Total LOU Investment: $107.5 million