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homepage.jpgThe iTaukei Land Trust Board (formerly known as the Native Land Trust Board) is a statutory body was established in 1940 to control and administer itaukei lands on behalf and for its indigenous owners whether it is a Yavusa, Mataqali and Tokatoka.
It is also a statutory trust that deals with itaukei lands by way of leases and licenses issued over such lands. It is the largest and best land provider and land management services and corporate entity in Fiji. It facilitates access to lands and land-based resources for social and economic development and growth. Its purpose is to secure, protect and manage land ownership rights assigned to the iTaukei landowners and to facilitate the commercial transactions that revolve around its use. It is doing all this for the national good and public interests but in particularl for the benefit of the itaukei landowners.
Back then, iTaukei land comprises 91 percent of all the land in Fiji and was permanently deeded by the British Crown in the 1880’s. The other land types are Sate Land, Freehold and Rotuma Island and they share the rest of the nine percent that makes up Fiji’s total landmass.
To put it in simple terms, these land cannot be sold. It will forever remain the property of itaukei landowners. The Board’s mandate and trusteeship duty is in our Section 4 of the iTaukei Land Trust Act, which provides that:
“The control of all itaukei lands shall be vested in the Board and all such lands shall be administered by the Board for the bene t of the iTaukei owners”
Core Roles
  1. To control and manage itaukei lands by way of leases and licences;
  2. To collect and distribute premiums and rents derived from leased land;
  3. To ensure that sufficient lands are “reserved” for the use, maintenance and support of its owners;
  4. To control and manage extinct mataqali lands, and;
  5. To monitor compliance with lease and licence conditions.
Now iTaukei Land comprises of 91 percent of the country’s total landmass and from the total land area of 18,270 square kilometers only 4,477 square kilometers (447,665 hectares) has been taken up by the current lease count of 42,515.

TLTB now enjoys an annual turnover of around $70 million from the management of residential leases, agricultural leases, commercial leases, tourism leases, water/mineral leases, industrial leases, forestry leases, educational leases, leases for government and other purposes. Be part of the unique model to the world in effective customary land administration and control in the 21st century.  Its success is derived from its uniqueness as:
  • It is the only native land-administrating body of its kind in the world.
  • It is a legal entity, statutory trust and a body corporate.
  • It is the only surviving product of the British Colony which is known to have withstood the test of time and tide of political, social and economic change from the 1940 to independence in 1970 and post-independence to today.
As Fiji continues to grow, and make its presence felt in the world of tourism, agriculture and in commerce it is a virtual certainty that the requirements for utilization of land will expand dramatically. The Government is doing all it can to make more land available for productive and social purposes and TLTB are positioned to assist both investors and landowners to ensure great success for all.

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