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Regulatory Requirements & Governing Legislation

The iTaukei Land Trust Board (TLTB) draws its mandate from Section 4 of the iTaukei Land Trust Act (TLTA) 1940 – two important sections to note are:
Section 4: Control of iTaukei Land vested with the Board
“The control of all iTaukei Land shall be vested in the Board and shall be administered by the Board for the benefit of the iTaukei owners.
Section 9: Conditions to be observed prior to land being dealt with by way of lease or licence
“No iTaukei land shall be dealt with by way of lease or licence under the provisions of the Act, unless the Board is satisfied that the land proposed to be made the subject of such a lease or licence is not being beneficially occupied by the iTaukei owners, and is not likely during the currency of such lease or licence to be required by the iTaukei owners for their use, maintenance and support.”
Fiji Land Institutions & Governing Legislations:
  1. Ministry of Lands (State Lands Act): deals with the administration of State Lands (formerly known as Crown Land).
  2. Land Use Unit of the Lands Department (Land Use Decree): administration of both State and iTaukei Land.
  3. iTaukei Lands Commission (iTaukei Lands Act): Administration of land ownership boundary and titles (land and chiefly titles) and disputes related thereto.
  4. iTaukei Land Trust Board (iTaukei Lands Trust Act): vested with the administration of all itaukei land for the benefit of the iTaukei landowners.
TLTB does not operate in isolation like a purely commercial entity in the private sector. Its business operation is based on a ‘trust’ set-up and is also impacted by other laws that it has to consider before it offers its product in the market.


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