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Tenants owe $6.3m in arrears

Arrears are the non-payment of lease rentals which has always been a major area of concern for TLTB. At the moment, 8,833 tenants out of the 45,205 TLTB tenants are not paying their rent on time and are now in arrears.

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Landowners ready to seize new opportunities

I encourage all landowners to start to think differently –– and bigger –– when it comes to your development and nosiness ventures. Our economy is diversifying, our industries are evolving and new opportunities are arising.


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TLTB will intervene on tokatoka land dealings in Momi

The extraction of soil from the tokatoka land by landowning unit member Mr Sokonaia Ragose and contractor Mr Tony Herbert was illegal and TLTB will intervene to pursue the necessary payments to the landowners by either C.P. Group or Mr Tony Herbert and that monies collected are distributed to all landowning unit members. 

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Landowners support Eco-Challenge 2019

This week, the Head Executive of Thirteen Enterprises Mr Tony Patterson presented $1.2 million cheque which allows for the issuance of the filming license.

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Dr Akanisi is the new director

With her vast knowledge and wealth of experience she is expected to positively contribute in her new role as a director for the TLTB Board of Trustees.

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TLTB does not condone fraud

TLTB re-assures its stakeholders and the public at large that it has a zero tolerance policy on unlawful dealings and remains committed to continue to uphold this position in the best interest of all its stakeholders.

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MOU with BSP to assist landowners

This collaboration between TLTB and Fiji’s Microfinance Service Provider of the Year will enable landowners to have 24/7 access to their own bank accounts compared to when they had to travel long distances to their nearest branch to access services such as; check their account balances, transfer money to third parties, pay bills, top up their mobile phone credit and track their account history.

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TLTB response to Savura landowners

He said that although this is a lease issued 52 years ago, the annual lease payment has been reviewed from $2,643 previously to the current annual rate of $120,000. The issue of compensation claimed by the landowners need to be clarified further with the Ministry of Lands.

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Delainavesi land claim unfounded

As of now we do not know what were the landowners’ intention in creating such a scene that was broadcasted live through a Facebook chat group since last Sunday claiming that TLTB is taking over their land without their consent.

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TLTB contributes to ‘4 Million Trees in 4 Years’

Yesterday, Saturday 6th April, TLTB staff undertook their first tree planting exercise for the year. The program includes revisiting their dedicated TLTB Native Tree Reserve areas to clean, replace trees that have died and the planting of more new trees. Teams were also involved in the potting and transplanting of new plants including uprooting of wild mahogany shoots for replanting in other parts of Fiji through the Ministry of Forestry program.

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