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Coveyance Services

Our Conveyance Section involves lease processing i.e. from stamping and registration of leases received from regional and sub-regional offices; in Suva, Sigatoka, Labasa, Savusavu, Lautoka, Rakiraki, Sigatoka, Nadi, Ba and Korovou.
The Section is under the Department of Strategic Planning, Research & Development which reports to the Deputy General Manager Operations, Research & Development.
The Conveyance Section is one of a kind as it is centralised and looks after leases from five different regions and four sub-regions.
There are three processing Conveyance Clerks and a Temporary Conveyance Clerk. Out of the four processing clerks, three are based at Head Office attending to daily processing of leases and settlements with other banking institutions and financiers and one is based at the Titles Office as a Project Staff processing all TLTB leases lodged to the Registrar of Titles.
Lease processing in Conveyance involves:
  • Lease received from region;
  • Vetting and screening of lease document (1 day, tenants IDs, eg. TIN certificates, birth certificates, drivers licence, stamping and registration fees are paid, lease documents are correct,)
  • Execution by Board Member and Board Secretary (1-2 days; Board Member initials on all pages and stamp is placed on execution pages, Board Secretary executes where required.)
  • Stamping of lease documents from FRCA (Commissioner of Stamp Duties) 1-2 days as which involves assessment by the Lands Department (Valuation Section).
  • Registered leases with case files returned to region (1 day once registered lease is received from registered of titles.
  • Registration of lease documents with Registrar of Titles (2-3 weeks for iTaukei leases and 3-4 weeks for Agricultural Leases which is then lodged at the Registrar of Deeds)
Internal lease processing involves three days. Timeframe are as follows for the whole processing time including external processing until a registered lease is obtained.

Lease processing should take about a month or so once received by conveyance department stamping and registration process.

Once leases are registered from the Registrar of Titles, the registered leases are dispatched to the Conveyance Section by the TLTB Project Staff for updating and Conveyance Clerk dispatches the registered leases to the different regions via courier bags which run from Mondays to Thursdays on a daily basis every week.
There are different types of leases set for processing:
  1. Residential Leases with the term of 99 years;
  2. Commercial Leases with the term of 99 years;
  3. Agricultural Leases with the terms of 30 – 50 years;
  4. Commercial Agriculture with the term of 99 years;
  5. Industrial Leases with the term of 99 years;
  6. Religious/Educational/Tourism leases which may be classified as Special Leases/Other leases.
Also include other types of services:

Conveyance also extends its processing by receiving applications for lost leases and obtaining a provisional lease which involves preparing of notice to advertise in the daily newspaper and the Government Gazette and await 14 days for the expiry of the notice before a provisional lease could be issued.
Apart from just processing those of the above Conveyance also prepare Re-Entry documents for cancellation where a lease could be re-entered on the basis where it has been on arrears, uncultivated or the owner is deceased. These lands are been re-entered and added to the “land available list” and available for public acquiring of land.


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