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Frequent Asked Questions


1. What kind of products does TLTB offer?
  • Land for Leasing in Tourism, Agriculture, Residential, Mining, Commerce, etc.)
  • License for Filming, Gravel Extraction and Logging
  • Landowners Advice on Investment
2. Where are the TLTB offices located?
Regional Offices - Suva, Nadi, Lautoka and Labasa.
Sub-Regional Offices – Nausori, Korovou, Rakiraki, Ba, Sigatoka, Savusavu.
3. What do I have to do if I want a land to build a house or for farming?
For a house you need to apply for a residential lease using a non-agriculture lease application form. For agriculture, you need to apply for an agriculture leases using the agriculture lease application form. You need to look at the available land listings from any TLTB offices around the country or TLTB website before you can apply. 

4. How do I go about obtaining a lease?
The steps to take are as follows:
  • Fill the Lease Application Form.
  • Get all the requirements in order.
  • Pay for your application fee, attach the receipt with the application together with all the requirements needed and lodge it at any TLTB Office around the country.
  • TLTB will verify your application, consult the landowners, obtain the consent, work on the prĂ©cis (assess the value, land area, land use) recommendation for de-reservation if it is outside reserve, issue of lease offer, tenant to pay within six weeks, issuance of lease document by TLTB, tenant to survey (chose from the list of Panel of Surveyors), TLTB will give Surveying Instruction, after survey TLTB will give lease titles, then registration of titles at the Titles Office.
  • Issuance of titles to the applicant.
5. What are the requirements I need to provide for my lease application?
This will depend on the type of lease you are applying for. There are two major types of lease that you can apply for: (i) Agricultural Lease and (ii) Non-Agricultural Lease.
  1. Agricultural Leases Requirements:
  • Applicant must submit completed application form;
  • Personal ID Cards (FNPF, Driver’s License, etc.)
  • TIN Letter or Joint Card;
  • Birth Certificate;
  • Investment Fiji (FIRC) and the Department of Immigration approvals (for overseas applicants only);
  • Evidence of registration (if the applicant is a company);
  • 6 Months Bank Statement;
  • Evidence of income, period of employment, business projections and cash flow;
  • Five-year Farm Plan;
  • Locality Plan of area applied for;
  • Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Report;
  • An appraisal report from the Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) for cane or the Ministry of Agriculture for the development potential of the applied area;
  • Majority consent (60 percent) of landowners aged 18 years and above for de-reservation if land is within itaukei/native reserve.
 ii. Non-Agricultural Lease Requirements:
  •  Fully completed details in the TLTB application forms;
  • Landowner – majority consent (60%) of members over the age of 18 years;
  • Project Proposal with a 5 (five) year business plan, marketing strategies, locality diagram.
  • Feasibility Study (If applicable)
  • Environmental  Impact Assessment & Social Impact Assessment (if applicable)
  • Evidence of Finance: sources of bankers, referees;
  • Company details (Registration of Companies – Fiji), (If applicable)
  • Applicable Fees (minimum)
7. How long does it take for my lease to be approved?
It takes about six weeks.

8. How much will it cost me to pay for my lease?
It depends on a number of factors like location, total area, access to roads, electricity, water, etc.

9. Do you have on-line applications?

10. Where can I apply for a lease?
Any of the TLTB offices in Suva, Sigatoka, Nadi, Lautoka, Ba, Korovou, Labasa and Savusavu.

11. What is the process when lodging lease applications?
  1. Application is thoroughly screened by Counter Service Clerk. Applications?
  2. Referred to Technical Team to determine any conflicting interest.
  3. If no conflicting interest, Estate Officer (EO) gives OK for Cashier to receipt payment of lease application fee.
  4. EO responsible conducts necessary inspection and consultation.
  5. Precis and recommendation is completed by the Inspecting Officer for SEO approval.
  6. Case File is created in Landsoft by Estate Assistant (EA).
  7. Lease Offer is printed and signed by Manager or Senior Estate Officer (SEO).
  8. Team for Bring Up lease offer for 8 weeks.
  9. Lease Offer is fully paid.
  10. Lessee executes relevant lease document.
  11. Manager executes lease documents.
  12. Set of lease documents sent for stamping and/or registration via Legal Department.
  13. Stamped and/or registered lease document is released to tenant/lessee.

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